Who We Are
A high technology company that develops and markets software tools for process simulation, computer-aided process design, capacity analysis, production planning, scheduling, debottlenecking, environmental impact assessment, and project economic evaluation. Intelligen’s technology originated at MIT.
SuperPro Designer®
Use SuperPro Designer to model, evaluate, and optimize batch and continuous processes. SuperPro Designer is a valuable tool for engineers and scientists in process development, process engineering, and manufacturing. The design of most new biopharmaceutical facilities around the globe is based on modeling performed using SuperPro Designer.
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SuperPro Designer provides under a single umbrella modeling, cost analysis and optimization of manufacturing and end-of-pipe treatment processes
SchedulePro is a finite capacity scheduling (FCS) tool for multi-product batch and semi-continuous manufacturing facilities. It generates feasible and optimized production schedules that respect constraints related to the limited availability of  equipment, work areas, labor, utilities, inventories of materials, etc. It supports plant floor execution, accounts for delays, and facilitates rescheduling and web-based publication of schedules.
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SchedulePro complements SuperPro Designer as a modeling tool for projects involving design, capacity analysis and debottlenecking of multi-line and multi-product facilities operating in batch and semi-continuous mode.
Trusted by most major Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Food & Consumer Product, Metals & Materials and Engineering Companies around the globe