SchedulePro Fixes

SchedulePro 4.0 August 2010

Bugs fixed through August 10 2010

  • Gantt Chart clipping and crashing issues
  • Display last saved version info. in File-Properties
  • Fixed tree display and refresh issues
  • Fixed problem when adding a recipe with a non-unique name
  • Fixed batch/campaign start-end inconsistencies
  • Fixed Equipment Chart legend bug
  • Fixed zoombar tooltips
  • Fixed text issue in used-by dialog
  • Fixed report display issues
  • Fixed db export issues for names with double quotes
  • Fixed batch naming issues
  • Fixed equipment sorting by utility
  • Disallow removing used equipment resources from scheduled campaigns
  • Fixed operation duration dialog bug

SchedulePro 3.58 September 30 2009

Bugs fixed through November 19 2009

  • Fixed inversion of due and status columns in the campaign grid
  • Gantt bar descriptions improved
  • Gantt start and end time problems resolved
  • Gantt chart style and text issues improved
  • Fixed material supply system properties dialog crash when selecting Storage tab
  • Fixed Equipment Chart copying problem when linked charts are shown
  • Fixed XML (MS Project) export issues
  • Fixed expansion problem in Gantt chart
  • Fixed crash on adding sections
  • Fixed bug when changing scheduled equipment resources that are “reserved for campaign”

SchedulePro 3.5 September 30 2009

Bugs fixed through September 30 2009

  • Fixed bug in Procedure main equipment tab.=20
  • Fixed bug campaign setup dialog previous campaign menu.=20
  • Corrected Gantt chart indentation for Vista.=20
  • Modification through the EOC no long cause the recipe node to be = expanded.=20
  • Fix print and print preview for equipment chart.=20
  • Fix crash on utilization chart print or copy.=20
  • Editing chart preferences no longer resets the time-scale.=20
  • Fixed batch coloring in older files.=20
  • Navigation tree top nodes stay expanded or collapsed during = redraw.=20
  • Fixed Gantt chart crash with no scheduled campaigns.=20
  • Fixed linked inventory charts; now update with Equipment chart = changes.=20
  • Improved scheduling with multitasking equipment constraints.=20
  • Prevent grid columns resizing with window resize.=20
  • Fixed line(resource and rate) scrolling problem.=20
  • Disable zoom on linked charts.=20
  • Fixed ERP file import for delimited files.=20
  • Fixed suite scheduling issues.=20
  • Fixed unnecessary circular scheduling warning.=20
  • Fixed hourglass display while scheduling.

SchedulePro 3.3 May 15 2009

Bugs fixed through 15 May 2009

  • Crash on generating the materials report.=20
  • Column sizing and scrollbar display.=20
  • Gantt Chart printing time offset.=20
  • Gantt Chart copy/paste vertical offset.=20
  • Duration link calculation/specification problems=20
  • Staff scheduling – failure to apply batch delay in some cases. =

SchedulePro 3.202 16 March 2009

Note: This is a new version. Files saved in 3.202 are not readable in = prior=20 versions.

Bugs fixed since 3 March 2009

  • Fixed crashing problem with rate-limited resources.

Bugs fixed since 7 January 2009

  • Fixed equipment first-usage sorting in equipment chart and = reports.=20
  • Fixed crash on campaign deletion.=20
  • Fixed suite scheduling problem.=20
  • Fixed display of rate charts.=20
  • Fixed Gantt Chart crash when operations are displayed.=20
  • Fixed crash when linking equipment “inventory” capacity chart with = equipment occupancy chart.=20
  • Made batch coloring non-random; rescheduling gives the same batch = colors.=20
  • Fixed crash when creating an infeasible scheduling link from the = recipe=20 Gantt chart.=20
  • Added separate options for showing upper and lower chart limits.=20
  • Added the ability to copy and paste user-defined batch-edits from = one=20 batch to another.=20
  • Fixed crash on opening certain files.

SchedulePro 3.2 07 January 2009

Bugs fixed since 11 December 2008

  • Fixed unnecessary circular reference warning when duration is = dependent on=20 multiple operations.=20
  • Fixed batch size units for recipes imported from SuperPro = Designer.=20
  • Fixed problem changing a campaign’s recipe.=20
  • Improved scheduling when using labor or material rate constraints. =
  • Improved export options for resource rate charts.=20
  • Added material outputs to the schedule report.

SchedulePro 3.2 03 December 2008

Bugs fixed since 11 November2008

  • Fixed inventory profile calculation problem.=20
  • Fixed failure to resolve auxiliary equipment conflicts.=20
  • Fixed unneccessary circular reference detection.

SchedulePro 3.2 11 November2008

Bugs fixed since the initial 3.2 (October 2008)

  • Campaign Start Mode Dialog — not initializing correctly=20
  • Grid resizing and updating improved=20
  • Problem with linked charts with summed resource profiles=20
  • Small fill/empty problem with storage units=20
  • Mixture composition now ordered correctly=20
  • Added staff occupancy report (addition to equipment report)=20
  • Allow empty inventory charts=20
  • More efficient profile updataing for resource and inventory charts =
  • Equipment occupancy chart: allow display of conflicted +=20 completed/started/unfocused status in the same operation.=20
  • Improve the inventory-hold algorithm=20
  • Fix erroneous scheduling cycle detection for recipes=20
  • Fix equipment occupancy scrolling issues=20
  • Added auxiliary equiment column  to staff report.=20
  • Fix initial color selection for most color dialogs