Selected Publications on SuperPro

  1. Design and Optimization of a Large Scale Biopharmaceutical Facility using Process Simulation and Scheduling Tools, Toumi A, Jürgens C, Jungo C, Maier B, Papavasileiou V, and Petrides D. , Pharmaceutical Engineering, March/April 2010 issue.
  2. The Role of Simulation and Scheduling Tools in the Development and Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Petrides D, Koulouris A, Siletti C, Jimenez J and Lagonikos P., An improved version of this document will become available as a chapter of a new book on “Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry: From R&D to Manufactiuring” that will be published by John Wiley & Sons in 2010.
  3. The Role of Process Simulation in Pharmaceutical Process Development and Product Commercialization, Demetri P. Petrides, Alexandros Koulouris, and Pericles Lagonikos, Pharmaceutical Engineering. January/February 2002, Pp. 56-65. Click here to download a copy of this paper in PDF format.
  4. Throughput Analysis and Debottlenecking of Biomanufacturing Facilities – A Job for Process Simulators, Demetri Petrides, Alexandros Koulouris, and Charles Siletti, BioPharm. Volume 15, Numbre 8, August 2002, Pp. 28-64. Click here to download a copy of this paper in PDF format.
  5. Selection of Bioprocess Simulation Software for Industrial Applications, Shanklin, T., Roper, K., Yegneswaran, P.K., and Marten, M. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Vol. 72, No. 4, February 20, 2001, pp 483-489. This article includes a comparison of SuperPro Designer with Bach Plus for modeling and evaluating integrated biochemical processes. It was published by researchers from Merck & Co. and UMBC (University of Maryland at Baltimore County).
  6. Batch Process Optimization via CAPD and Simulation, Alexandros Koulouris and Demetri P. Petrides, PROCESS Worldwide 2-2002, Pp. 38-40.
  7. Process Modeling Evaluates Feasibility of Water Recycling, Demetri Petrides, Alexandros Koulouris, and John Calandranis, Filtration+Separation, October 2001, Pp. 26-31. Click here to download an earlier version of this paper.
  8. The Role of Process Simulation in Evaluating Water Recycling Opportunities at a Semiconductor Fabrication Facility, Demetri Petrides, Charles Siletti, and John Calandranis, ULTRAPURE WATER, July/August 2002, Pp. 26-34. Click here to download an earlier version of this paper.
  9. Process and Economic Evaluation of the Extraction and Purification of Recombinant b-Glucuronidase from Transgenic Corn, R.L. Evangelista, Ann R. Kusnadi, John A. Howard, and Zivko L. Nikolov, Iowa State University and Prodigene, Inc., Biotechnology Progress, 1998, 14, Pp. 607-614.
  10. Process Simulation for Recombinant Protein Production: Cost Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis for Heparinase I Expressed in E. Coli. Steffen Ernst, Oscar A. Garro, Stefan Winkler, Ganesh Venkataraman, Robert Langer, Charles L. Cooney, and Ram Sasisekharan, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol. 53, No. 6, March 20, 1997.