Here you can find instructions and links to download the proper installation files required to upgrade to the latest release, or if needed, to install a previous release of SuperPro Designer®.

The current (latest) release numbers for SupePro Designer® are: Major Version 13, Build 03, SBN 1000 Release Date: August 30, 2023

While the What's New In This Major Version (v13) presents all the new features, improvements and bug fixes in this new major release (useful for new users or users upgrading from an older major version), the What's New in This Build presents all features, additions, etc. incorporated to the latest release of this major version, after the original release was out (useful for users who already are running the latest major release but an earlier build or special build number).

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Before You Start

There are two sets of information that you must know before you proceed with finding the proper downloads for your software:

1. Your Current Release Numbers (Upgrades Only)

If you are upgrading, you need to know the release numbers of the software currently installed on your PC. The three numbers that you must know are:

  • Major Version Number
  • Build Number
  • Special Build Number

You can find out those numbers by selecting the Help/About... option from the main menu of your application.

If you can't run the application, you can locate with the File Explorer of Windows, the "Designer.exe" (main executable) in the installation directory (typically, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intelligen\SuperPro Designer\v{majVerNo}"), then right-click and go to the "Details" tab. There will be an entry next to "File Version" that reads like: The first two numbers correspond to the Major Version Number (10.0 in this case), the next number corresponds to the Build Number (3 in this case) and the last number corresponds to the Special Build Number (SBN, 5500 in this case).

2. A Proper Username / Password Combination

In order to gain access to the files that need to be downloaded, you must have a correct combination of username and password applicable for your license. The correct set of credentials must be aquired from Intelligen, Inc. and it depends on the type of license you have purchased (Industrial or Academic, Single-User or Site License). If you don't have a pair of username and password please contact Intelligen Support. Make sure you include in your email your name, your organization, the name of the user registered under the software and your license number. New licenses as well as older licenses that are still under active maintenance plans qualify to receive download credentials. If your current maintenance plan has expired, please contact Intelligen Sales to make arrangements for purchasing an upgrade or a new maintenance plan.

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How to Proceed

If you have visited this page previously and you know what installation packet you need to download, then go directly to the appropriate "Download" page and proceed to download the necessary file(s).

If you are a new visitor to this page or if you are unsure how to proceed, please visit the Guide in order to determine what file(s) you must download from the Download Tables. Then visit the tables and download the pertinent files.